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10 reasons why I HAte you!

(or My Top Ten High Availability annoyances) Designing, planning, deploying, administrating and recovering (known from now on as DePlanDeAR – and pronounced in the tone of a Caribbean Grandma :) ) a SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) solution is really … Continue reading

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ROLLBACK damn you!

A good question was asked on #SQLHELP the other day regarding the use of XACT_ABORT ON – “If you don’t have a BEGIN TRAN COMMIT TRAN in a stored procedure, will SET XACT_ABORT ON do anything?”. My immediate reply to this … Continue reading

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Twelve is a Magic Number

A massive congratulations to the SQLBits team for announcing what will become the 12th iteration of the UKs finest and largest SQL Server conference. Putting on events at this scale by such a small core team demands huge respect and … Continue reading

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