We are all idiots are we not

I’ve never understood why a few of the people that I have come across over the years pretend that they know a subject when they almost certainly don’t. Is it a self-delusional thing or an out and out attempt to impress? Personally, I find these kinds of statements rather frustrating and a sad reflection on those individuals. The truly tragic thing is that the people that they are making these statements to (usually someone of influence) take them at face value and believe them, marking them up higher in their own estimations and so the cycle will begin.

I’ve been working in IT a long time now and I understand that however long you have spent with a particular system there is always something that you do not know about it, therefore I try not to pretend I know all about something when I don’t because it is surely self-defeating. Another colleague of mine has the motto that “we are all idiots” and what they mean by this is that however clever we may think we are, we are actually always learning and essentially a student not a teacher in the subject. Today, for example, I’ve been thinking about dynamic management views (DMVs) and decided that I really should spend a little more time getting to know them better. Having been brought up on SQL 6.5 and upwards, truth be told there has been very little reason for me to really use them with exception of a few since I have normally been able to see all I wanted using custom scripts and DBCC commands. A couple of exceptions that I have found particularly useful are the ones providing information relating to index statistics (such as usage), but really I am probably missing out on some real gems and should, therefore, make an effort to adopt them into my arsenal. I will, therefore, attempt to write a quick entry at some point detailing some of the most useful ones.