Mint 8 ramblings – eee its rather good

Well just typing this from my new (extra) desktop setup at home of Linux Mint 8. I’ve got to say that it just keeps getting better. Unlike my recent disappointment with the latest Windows offerings (excepting Windows 7 because it is too early days for me to judge), I have been very pleased with the latest Mint offering. Not only does it retain it’s familiar interface (which I have to say is why linux may imo one day trump Windows), but it appears crisper, more user friendly and accessible than ever. I am now running 4 out of 5 desktop machines on Linux with one extra Virtual Windows XP installation – and this to me is just amazing from where I was 12 months ago. I do still however have the unenviable task of “owning” too many to count Windows servers running SQL Server (which is my bread and butter) to support.

If only I could get MS SQL running on Linux, that really would be special ;-D