Prometric madness nightmare on examination street

Today I spent a very entertaining 4 hours or so, taking (finally after 4 years of getting around to it) the SQL 2005 upgrade exam and had a bit of a ‘mare. My first problem with this exam was that it started off with 7 or 8 mini-exams (I forget the exact terminology), but these were essentially very large case studies that each had 5-8 questions attached. Now my first problem was that I must have spent the first 8 minutes of my allocated 15 for this case study, trying to figure out where the first question was. The number was displaying 1/8, however clicking the “Question” button simply didn’t change anything and I was left with the explanation of how to do these mini exams. Finally after coming across some text somewhere I realised that question 1 was in fact not a question but an introduction!!!! Was it beyond the wit of man to not start the question numbering post introduction?

Anyway, I’m now motoring and we are all good again, until I nearly get to the end of one of the later mini-exams and clicking “Next” does not move me to the next question any more. Worse than that, “Previous” doesn’t work either. All the other buttons work, but not the one I want. No one at the test centre had a clue either and eventually the time ran out on the mini-test and I missed the chance to answer that question.

I spent the remainder of the exam trying to stay focused and calm but it was difficult I can tell you. Anyway time now to upgrade to the SQL 2008 certification, I prey this one is less eventful.