Windows 7 install sit back and watch

Well I’m not really going to go into any detail right now about my experiences so far with Windows 7, but I just wanted to show just what the installer looks like. I’ve heard all sorts of things about it being quicker and less painful in Windows 7 and I guess if I am being honest that might be largely true.

One thing for sure is that the interface does look nice and polished. However first booting up from your media you are presented with this unappealing boot sequence. Shame they didn’t give a nice custard yellow colour to the bar, it would have looked very much like the NT 4 loader.

And then it happens, wow we go from a dull, boring and we’ve seen it all before screen to a lovely colourful little animation. Very nice, very pointless, but graphically appealing.

Well things continue along the same vein from screen to screen, yes indeed the installation screens do look nicely done.

Well that is until this strange one. Bizarrely we have a old style window with list boxes inside to select language and region settings. Note to UI designer, a panel might have stood out less and kept a little more in keeping with the feel of things… still what do I know?

Things really continue as they mean to go on, and I suppose I don’t really recall having to spend much time answering prompts. I guess one of the most obvious things that seems to be automatically configured/ improved is the Networking configuration. I’ll be honest, I don’t recall answering any prompts for this. This is how it should be I think because you can always change this later if the installation defaults are not suitable for your install.

Possibly my biggest scratch of the head moments came when I saw the “Install Now” button?!

Yeah of course I want to and then the “Installing Windows…” window. Get this, first it goes and “Copying windows files” and strangely then needs to “Expanding Windows files”. Hello! Anyone thought about that.

Any modern installation I would expect to copy and expand via memory, and if this is what it is doing then scrap one of the steps because it is just plain daft.

I particularly liked the screen to set the time-zone. This is very aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t have any of those slight irritations such as pointless action buttons on the windows (such as close or minimize)

Well the installation has gone without hitch, and is overall an improvement over previous versions. Time will tell as to my feelings towards the OS.