SSMS query pane bug in Windows 7 its bugging me!

Are you familiar with this menu? Are you sure? Do you use it a lot? Yep me too.
Most of you will already know how to get this menu within SSMS, and one such way (the way I always use) is to right click the white space within a Query window. One of the reasons you might wish to do this could be because you are copying text. Well in Windows 7 this does not seem to work any more. I initially noticed the problem when using my spanking new SQL 2008 R2 client installation. After several installations on a couple of platforms it appears that the issue is not specific to SQL 2008 R2 but is actually related to running on Windows 7. The following all display this behaviour :-

SQL 2005
SQL 2008 with or without service packs
SQL 2008 R2
(SQL 2000 not tested)

To demonstrate what I mean, lets launch a query window within SSMS and type some text and execute the query. OK so now lets say we want to copy a selection of text. After selecting, and right clicking the mouse….nothing.

Strangely next I’m going to do something slightly different. With the selected text I’m going to right click and hold the mouse over it and drag across the screen.

Upon release this mouse we still get a context menu coming up which allows up to move or copy here. Hmm, right.

Let’s now move into the Messages (Results pane will do also) pane of the query window and right click.

Great it works!

My final tests included using the keyboard short-cuts to copy and paste texts within the upper query window and there is not a problem there either.

In conclusion the only issue being affected appears to be purely the static right click within the upper query pane window. It is not a show stopper since this menu can be accessed through the main menu bar, but it is darned annoying and makes me wonder what other little quirks I might uncover within SQL applications running on Windows 7.