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A couple of weeks ago, I (like many others) rolled into Reading to attend the Speaker Training day held at Microsoft HQ in the UK. This event was organized to help people prepare for speaking at SQLBits 7 (if your submission was successful) or to prepare for a future successful submission (if it wasn’t). Upon arriving at Microsoft it was quite funny because the receptionist seemed to recognize me, but since I hadn’t been to that building for around 3 years I’m not sure how she could have done …still it’s always nice to be “recognized” 🙂

Once inside, I met many great people. Several were well known faces such as Mike Taulty, Andrew Fryer and Simon Sabin (all of whom I’d been privileged to meet before), several up and coming individuals such as Quest’s Iain Kick and many other faces that are making an impact in the world of SQL Server such as Neil Hambly and Dave Ballantyne.

I was actually quite amazed at how Social Networking is starting to bring together all of these people and make unfamiliar people familiar without really having to have met them, it is a really exciting time I think. If you are interested in what you should be doing in order to extend your Social Network then I believe everyone should be involved and doing the following three things :-

  1. Reading lots of Blogs (and hopefully writing one)
  2. Active on Twitter for their relevant field of expertise
  3. Are LinkedIn – the future for finding jobs

Just another thing that tickled my amusement, was whilst I was trying to place Andrew Fryer’s face I realized that the last time week spoke was on the Paul Randal/ Kimberly Tripp Masterclass when I asked a question about UNC placed databases (can’t remember exactly what it was now) but all three experts were pretty sure that UNC databases was not possible and could not see what purpose this could fill. I said that I was sure I’d read an MS written article talking about it (and was surprised it was possible myself), but could see a few uses such as a very fast and dirty way of throwing storage to a server in cases such as your tempdb filling. The keyword here is “temporary” fix, since I agree with all three experts – this is probably not a good thing for OLTP and OLAP servers in general. This will probably be one of the few times I have knowledge about something that those three didn’t, but it just goes to show hours of reading blogs, twitter and knowledge base documents can have an impact.

I would also like to say a massive thanks to Guy Smith-Ferrier, and without his help and instruction would probably be a nervous and unprepared wreck right now (I’m currently just unprepared but very much working hard to get where I want to). Once I have more detail about my session I shall post and update before SQLBits.

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