When Cloud goes wrong

Around 2 or 3 years ago I made a conscious effort to try to detach myself a little from any one Operating System for my personal Documents, Favorites, RSS feeds and those sorts of things and therefore attempted to start using Cloud based technologies to achieve this goal.

Well the other day I went into my Bloglines account and was greeted with the following message :-

What particularly annoys me about this is the fact that they are just shutting down the service. No handing over to the community, no attempt at selling it on, not even a suggestion or arrangement of where you should move your feeds to. Their reasons for the shutdown are pretty lame too, but essentially boil down to the fact that they are focusing on their “commercial” activities. Certain functionality and settings will now be lost forever and should I have not seen this shutdown message (perhaps I was on holiday for 1 month) then it begs the question of what would happen to my feeds then.

This highlights a very big problem (in my opinion) with Cloud computing. One day your service is there and then one day it is gone. This is why I forecast that the next stage in Cloud computing is for the Cloud Service to be packaged up so that they can be hosted by a third party. For instance taking SQL Azure as an example, don’t you think that it would be really cool if I could purchase a shrink wrapped edition of SQL Azure, install it on my own Internet facing server and then able to provide SQL Azure based services to my company or possibly resell them on.

Imagine the scenario now that Microsoft withdraw their own Azure services or fundamentally change or upgrade them. This scenario would no longer be as big an issue to me since my own Azure services would be unaffected and it would only present a problem to me should I want to upgrade them etc. Even more importantly the risk to me or my business that this service could be withdrawn would be mitigated.

Cloud is in it’s infancy and I hope there will be big advances made in the way we the consumer can adopt these services.