SQLBits Presentation Resources added

Today I’ve managed to input and upload all the URL references I used in order to put together my SQLBits session. There are quite a few 🙂 and very useful some of them are too. Secondly I have also added my slidedeck which can be downloaded in pdf format. If you would prefer me to email you this instead then please drop me a request via mark dot broadbent at sqlcloud dot co dot uk. Sorry about the broken up address but spammers are an absolute curse of the internet at the moment. I get quite a lot of daily spam on this blog which is a waste of my time and theirs to be honest because everything spammy that is entered gets removed without even being seen.

Please ensure you keep dropping by from time to time (check out the SQLBits menu) because I will be adding more stuff over the coming weeks. In particular I am hoping to write a Virtual Cluster installation from start to finish since, after talking to some of my attendees they wanted some more focus on this. An hour to present is really no time at all, and this is a lesson learnt to focus on a few subjects rather than many. In defence I have to stress the title of my session though! It was always going to be a quick pace, but next time I will definitely do a more about less approach. This will be easier to present and will need less slides and less going backwards and forwards between the slides and demos. …Time keeping should also be much easier because of all these things…

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