SQLCLR source code for SQLBits session added

Well its a day later than I was intending since I ran out of time yesterday and had MAJOR corruption/ difficulties on a Development SQL Cluster today which has slowed things down somewhat. Anyway finally managed to get all the SQLCLR code formatted and uploaded to my special SQLBits supplemental section for the consumption of attendees, future attendees and anyone else who would find it useful. There is a lot of scope for improvement to re-factor the code and I just might do that at some stage.

Interestingly I came across a similar but different implementation a few weeks ago on SQL Server Central (but that had the drawback of requiring unsafe operator). If you are interested, you can find the URL to that particular solution in my SQLBits references section.

Anyway enough jabber from me for now, please go here for the source code.

p.s. The Virtual Cluster implementation coming soon.