Excited about SQLRally 2011

I am very pleased/ proud to announce that I have submitted 2 abstracts for presentations to SQLRally and should I be chosen they will be given in Orlando, Florida between May 11th to May 13th. For those of you not already aware, SQLRally is a little bit like a mini SQL PASS Summit and enables people from the East Coast of America to visit an event closer to them should they have not been able to attend the PASS Summit due to the distance and cost restrictions. It has been devised to fill the gap between SQL Saturday events and more can be found by visiting this url http://www.sqlpass.org/sqlrally/2011/About.aspx I believe it is going to be a great success. Should I be chosen to present at SQLRally, which will be a tall order given the very strong competition it will be only my second time going to a SQL Event in the States (PASS 2010 was my first) it will be my very first visit to the East Coast.

I am under no illusions though, and getting chosen will be very hard and would be a big honor, but I personally feel I have got some great material to show and think (and hope) that you would feel the same way too. For now I am going to keep my abstracts under wraps since I may (in some form) submit these also to SQLBits 8 in the UK, which is probably very similar to SQLRally in many respects and will take place (I believe) about a month beforehand. Should I get chosen for that too, then this will only serve in helping refine them further. I am actually quite excited about putting them together since there will be a couple of areas that I will need investigate further that I currently have not had enough reason to do so to date. Secondly I find some of those areas that I am going to cover in the presentations extremely interesting and are key to have a successful environment.

Finally, talking about SQLBits I was very pleased to see the other day some of the last conference’s session videos are going live, in particular my one 🙂 . It had been my first ever presentation to a public only audience and although there is perhaps room for improvements to become a Brent Ozar type of speaker (if that could ever be possible) I am actually fairly pleased with it. I remember also having a stinking cold which was why the night before I chose an early night over the Speaker’s Dinner and although this was disappointing to miss I believe I made the right decision. Strangely I didn’t really get nervous through the whole process from preparation to delivery and really enjoyed the whole experience although it was put together from a lot of very hard work.

Anyway if you would like to check out my SQLBits 7 presentation titled “Thinking outside the Box. Learning a little about a lot.” then I hope you enjoy it and learn something. You will also find more reference material for this presentation within this blog via the SQLBits menu option.

Wish me luck and I sincerely hope to see you hopefully at both SQLBits 8 and SQLRally.

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    1. retracement Post author

      Hey Brent!
      What I mean by “a Brent Ozar” type speaker is being very fluent and flowing, technically excellent, knowledgeable, witty, respected and insightful. I know a lot of your skills have occurred and been accumulated due to an immense amount of hard work and persistence (things never come easily in IT without hard graft) but there is also an element that you have built upon good foundations (technically and socially). I think DBAs are usually very introverted, probably due to the requirement that we all need to do that extra background research and investigation to succeed, but you are certainly a model for us all of what we can try and become.

      Thank you for dropping by my blog I’m not worthy (crawl!). Just need Kimberley, Paul, and Kalen to do so too and I could die happy 🙂

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