Fancy a decent Compatibility Matrix?

Have you ever taken a look at Microsoft’s published compatibility matrix for SQL Server lock compatibility? If you have, then I don’t need to tell you that it sucks in a very big way.

Have no fear, I have painstakingly redrawn at better one (via PowerPoint no less!) and am making available to you totally free of charge as a lovely PDF slide found via here…Why you ask? Because I love you all!

Not too bad for version 1 eh!

If you have any comments for improvements OR find any errors then please don’t hesitate to contact me (you know how!).



6 thoughts on “Fancy a decent Compatibility Matrix?

  1. David

    This is excellent!
    Do you mind if I print it out, share link with the team, and generally distribute a copy?

    1. retracement Post author

      Hi David, the chart is there to be used and to help others. I would prefer the chart not to be republished elsewhere without a trackback url just in case I decide to update it (and remain credited to me), however that aside I am happy for you to share and print off as many copies as you want. Glad you like it!

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