SQLBits 9 Slidedeck for READPAST & Furious

I am very pleased to publish the slide-deck for my Friday presentation “READPAST & Furious: Transactions, Locking and Isolation“. Just click here to obtain the slide-deck in PDF format.

I had an absolutely fantastic time giving the presentation and really enjoyed the audience participation (though it took some of you guys a bit of time to warm up :)). No seriously, the thing that makes all those weeks/ months of preparation and collation of material worthwhile is the possibility that I have managed to communicate something of value to you all -and hopefully I managed to do that. I learnt a massive amount of stuff myself in the process of preparing for this session and I cannot wait for the next time (whenever this may be).

Thank you very much to all those people who attended and especially those who have been to my presentations before. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you being there!