I’m gonna be on the Blogger’s Table!

So I’m currently sat here in the lounge of the Seattle Sheraton and finally have time to reflect upon my week ahead here at this years SQLPASS Summit. At this point in time it is very hard to say exactly how busy I am going to be this week but I suspect that my time here will be slightly more focused than last time since I have a few more responsibilities than before.

So my first official appointment will happen on Tuesday evening when I hope to meet and great my SQLPASS first timers having signed myself up to be a “Big Brother” to all those people that have never visited the Summit before. I really expect to learn a lot myself from this experience and if nothing else hope to learn some insights into becoming a better Big Brother for future conferences. I already have some ideas in this area, so for now I shall try and absorb what I can with this in mind.

Following this meeting (and the Welcome reception) I will be joining the PASS Speaker and Volunteer party and should be really fun to meet the people that are helping to make this conference actually happen. Some of which I know and many I don’t, so I am really looking forward to this event. It is just a shame that it has been arranged for the same night of my first timer reception and I have raised this point with the PASS organizers to try and avoid this same thing happening again.

Then on the Wednesday morning I am truly excited about being on the SQLPASS bloggers table. At this stage I am not entirely sure what this will entail and what exactly I will be doing there, but I presume that at the very least I shall be live blogging and tweeting about the SQLPASS Summit and the goings on around me. Should be good!

Finally on the Friday I will be giving my Lightning talk “SQL Server Clustering for Clustering for Dummies” which should be a really fun thing to do. I really need to figure out what I am going to say and it is really going to be a challenge to cram one hours worth of material into 5 minutes but I am up for this challenge!

That’s me for now, and all that there is left to say is that if you know me, know of me or want to know me (more fool you) then I really hope you come up and say hello and perhaps join me for a beer or two one evening!

9 thoughts on “I’m gonna be on the Blogger’s Table!

    1. retracement Post author

      Absolutely! Much more focused this year and trying to treat this years PASS Summit as very much a Business/ Professional trip. Shame you couldn’t make it though, would have been great to see you.

  1. Dirk Hondong

    Hi Mark,
    have a lot of fun over there. Converting your Clustering session into a lightning talk sounds interesting. Wish I could attend.


    1. retracement Post author

      That’s very kind of you to say so but quite honestly it is the people like you that make visiting the Summit for people like me worth it. Great to add you to my list of friends, and make sure you stay in touch!

  2. Edwin Sarmiento


    It’s great to see you making an impact in the larger SQL Server community. While I didn’t make it to PASS this year, I’m happy to hear you’ve had a great time (judging on the tweets you’ve posted this past week). Let me express my heartfelt joy and pride for your success in the community. Keep up the good work!

    1. retracement Post author

      Thanks Edwin, I was sorry that I didn’t bump into you and now I know why 🙂 Thanks to you for your inspirational leadership and hopefully we will bump into each other again soon.

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