Community is driving SQL to success

Well the keynote speech has begun, Ted Kummert is on stage and the focus at the beginning has been very much on the Community and SQL Azure. It is clear to me that Microsoft recognize the value of our amazing community -and they should because together we are helping to shape that future of this product into something that is becoming truly amazing. There was a time when Oracle DBA’s used to look down on SQL Server, but now they are worried and are desperately trying to get up to speed.

Ted Kummert on Stage

All the arguments that used to be given with respect to the supposed “failings” of our database platform have been slowly eroded away -a good example of this is our concurrency model. Microsoft have not only addressed criticisms and failings of our pessimistic concurrency model by constantly tweaking and providing various concurrency mechanisms such as database snapshots and scale-out strategies but have now provided optimistic concurrency by providing the new ISOLATION LEVEL as of SQL 2005 (Snapshot Isolation) and even gave us an optimistic implementation of READ COMMITTED isolation.

Whilst I am still undecided about the short term success of SQL Azure, one thing I know for sure is that through all of US this product is only going to become an even more amazing product. Join us and together we can make something special!

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