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Baby baby baby, where did our love/ data go?

Possibly one of the very first things we learn as fledgling DBA’s is that transactions are used to provide “all or nothing” operations. If you ever go for a SQL Server job interview, you are almost guaranteed to be asked … Continue reading

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The Curious Case of the Non-Escalating transaction locks

SQL Server has many facets and behaviors that are often misunderstood and do not always work quite as we may have expected. At first you may believe that you understand the mechanics, only to realize after a little bit of … Continue reading

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Memoirs of SQLSaturday #162 Part II: Speaker Dinner

Probably one of the most over-looked parts of any big or small SQL Event can sometimes be the speaker dinner -which essentially boils down to one thing… the organisers way of showing their appreciation to the speakers who have traveled … Continue reading

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