Blogger Table – Day 1 – Thomas LaRock

The key note has just begun and the number of first timers standing up is quite incredible and large. Thomas LaRock has begun the keynote speech and runs through the board of Directors and then makes a plea for people to stop by the Community Zone and connect.

Some of the numbers quoted regarding the number of Chapters, SQLSaturdays and Virtual Chapters is quite staggering and demonstrates the growth of PASS today. The discussion moves to looking back at how our personal careers have grown in the last 5 years, which is interesting  because 5 years ago just pre-dates my first ever Summit, how things have changed for me back then in that time frame.

He highlights that by taking advantage of what PASS has to offer will grow and advance your career. PASS are even now offering a Programme workshop that will encourage future speakers to understand what it takes to have your sessions accepted for the PASS Summit. There is even the speaker idol competition to win a place.

Finishes with a big shout out to the Sponsors who (lets face it) make this event possible.