5 Days of PASS – Day 3

Well just when you thought things could not get any busier, along comes Day 3 of the PASS Summit. I started the day on the PASS Blogger Table for the opening Keynote speech of the Summit introduced by Thomas LaRock (the current PASS president). There was a distinct shortage of Australian representatives on the table, which was soon rectified by the arrival of the one an only Rob Farley (twitter|blog), who is always amusing to listen to. To my left was one of my favourite German SQL Server experts, the ever happy Oliver Engels who was furiously typing away and in front of me Brent Ozar appeared to be switching backwards and forwards across different media platforms and applications and was no doubt constructing some interesting posts for our consumption.

I sadly had to cut things short for myself since I had a pre-arranged meeting to attend and quickly scuttled off as proceedings continued around me.

After several hours of work I then needed to attend the PASS Virtual Chapter meeting which was really useful and interesting to see the broad range of characters who run these VCs. Even more interesting was that it seemed nearly every VC had similar problems and challenges but hopefully between us these are problems we can fix. For myself as the Oracle Virtual Chapter lead I feel that I have a particularly uphill battle on many fronts but firmly believe with the right people in place we can solve these problems and kick-start the chapter.

Before the VC was fully ended I had to rush off to the (what now is becoming annual) MCM photo. A big thank you to Andreas Wolter for arranging this and I hope you like the finished result!

Argenis loves me really!

Argenis loves me really!

After this I had to quickly rush to PASSTV to have a short interview. The whole process was interesting and we decided to concentrate the interview around the topic of developing yourself through the SQL Community (and particularly speaking). When asked to provide a overview of myself, I possibly left out the most significant part of my Community input in that I forgot to mention my beloved SQLSaturday Cambridge! I’m still kicking myself, but these things happen! Gah! Anyhow when the interview was over, the PASSTV said that it was a good interview and flowed quite well, so I hope to see for myself how it came across. It is funny but I am my own worst critic, so I always presume the worst 🙂

Next I needed to resume my work and initially started this for several hours, but then ran right into the evening and finally went to bed. Thankfully I am starting to feel much better than earlier in the week and looking forward to a busy day today where I will be doing my best to deliver a Community session alongside Buck Woody. Fingers crossed and please wish me luck!

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