7 Days of PASS – Day 3

illIt is unbelievable to think that it is already Monday although it feels like I’ve now been in Seattle for a week. Today is the first day of SQLPASS pre-conference sessions although this year is the first time ever in 6 years that I will not be attending them. Instead I’ve decided to leave the days open to do other things and hopefully catch up on some work, so this is what I try to do for the next few hours until my hunger cannot take it any more. I head over to the Daily Grill again for a quick breakfast and coffee and then head across the road to register at the Convention Center to pick up the standard fare and obligatory conference bag.

After spending a relatively unproductive afternoon in my hotel room working, by late afternoon I get a message to join the boys at the Taphouse for a few drinks and head over to escape my four walls. Presentations will not write themselves, but perhaps I will find some inspiration in the Hops (who am I kidding!).

After a couple of drinks in the Taphouse we make the fatal mistake of moving onto the Sheraton bar and proceed to sink one Long Island Ice-T after another. This night is not going to end well, and these lambs are going to slaughter. By the time the 5th Ice-T arrives, we are now feeling the pain a little so decide to eat. Régis picks up an email from Redgate that they are at a restaurant called Mamnoon so we decide to crash the party! Unfortunately when we arrive it is clear that the party was not today and Régis realises that the email was yesterday! My mind starts to think about Napoleon’s decision to lead his army into Russia…..

Mamnoon’s food is good but it is clear that none of us is enjoying it to the full. Our beer and cocktails are weighing heavy on our stomachs so we eat up and beat a hasty retreat for our rooms. Day 3 will hopefully serve as a warning to us for the rest of the Summit.

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