7 days of PASS – Day 1

curryHaving had the luxury of booking a slightly later flight than normal (9.45am to Seattle), I took the liberty of an overnight stay closer to the airport, but unfortunately for me I had decided upon a Curry for tea the night before and now at 6am I am feeling a little rough and cannot manage my traditional pre-flight bacon sandwich. Not good, but at least my cup of tea is slightly more appealing, and I start to get ready for my trip. I have a 30-minute drive ahead of me to the airport, so I start getting ready and head off.

So far this year, I have probably done an excessive amount of community events, and while this has not been good for my bank balance, it has been very good for my British Airways points. I am now on the Executive Club Silver level, which means entrance to the club lounge without paying for Business Class travel -and even though I was offered an awesome deal to upgrade to Business for this flight, I decided to slum it in Cattle+ Class. So I sit in the lounge for an hour, pray to the Lord of Bacon, and wait for my flight to board.

Upon taking my seat on the plane, I am surprisingly joined by Richard Douglas (b¦t), and as I settle down to do some more Summit session prep, Richard takes the well-earned opportunity to catch up on some films. Unfortunately for me, my earphone adapter did not seem to work, which meant that when I finally got around to watching some onboard entertainment it was in Mute-Vision. One documentary I did watch with fascination, was a Discovery Channel program to capture Bigfoot. I love all that “stuff”, and spent the next hour watching their exploits in the Pacific North-West and the constant looping repeats of the Patterson–Gimlin film. Towards the end of the film they actually managed to capture a Bigfoot, and it was at this point I realized that this film had indeed been a Blair Witch Style hoax and a complete waste of an hour of my life!

roasteryUpon landing and arriving into the City of Seattle, I dropped my bags off and headed with Richard to my favorite Starbucks (Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room) but my GPS was playing tricks on us, and we got slightly more exercise climbing hills than is advisable for someone of my fitness. After consuming a spiffingly good cup of coffee we headed to the Taphouse for a bite to eat and to watch the Washington Huskies versus the Oregon State Beavers on TV in which the Huskies completely dominated the match and ended up winning 41 to 17.

Finally, to end the day, I headed back to my room to continue working on my Thursday Summit Session for a few hours. I’ve got a lot of work still to do on it, but I’m not panicking…. yet!

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