7 Days of PASS – Day 3

Comfy, but spending too much time here!

Comfy, but spending too much time here!

Today is the first day of the Summit pre-cons, and I wake up at 5am knowing that I won’t be attending. Instead, I will have a day of session preparation ahead of me because I am still behind and seriously need to get this train back on the tracks. I know the day is going to be a fairly solitary event, and so it proves, but I at least struggle to get myself to breakfast at the Dragonfish Cafe and have probably the most amazing tasting and crunchy fried potatoes ever -washed down with some eggs and American crispy bacon. One thing I have learnt about the Americans is that they LOVE potatoes and LOVE crispy bacon. But I’m not complaining!

After breakfast, I head down to Starbucks at 600 Pine St, with laptop in tow and start working on my session for the next 2 hours. I find this a good way to feel like I am still soaking up the ambiance of being in Seattle without becoming stuck with my laptop in my hotel room. Either way, I’d rather be doing something else, but it is what it is…

walk-backAfter a few hours, I decide to head over to the Washington State Convention Center and head over to registration to pick up my badges, gift, and other bits and pieces. There are only a few people kicking around since everyone else is in precon sessions, but I’m not really in the mood for talking much today so I silently grab my stuff and head back to my hotel to continue working on my session.

By now it is late afternoon, and having seen that there is the first ever Seattle User Group starting tonight, I decide that I will probably join them. I’m really not a big fan of pizza, so I decide to eat early and head down to the Taphouse for a very quick drink and food. Thirty minutes later I realize that it is time to be heading off to the User Group, so even though it is raining heavily, I duck in and out of cover whilst making my way southbound to get to where I want to go.

At the user group, Kevin Kline was giving a personal development session called “The Most Important IT Person in the Room: Why Data Experts Own the Future“, and I found some of the things he had to say quite interesting and useful. His central theme was that professionals who understand their data will be far more persuasive and important to a company than those that don’t. He wasn’t talking about us all becoming Data Scientists, only that we need to stop ignoring what is in front of our eyes because it is too important to ignore (it might sound obvious, but trust me, data ignorance is all too easy and all too common). I also really liked a point he made about inertia and motion – but I won’t ruin this soundbite for you, instead I would simply advise you to attend Kevin’s session the next time you get the opportunity.

usergroupAfter an enjoyable meeting, I  head back to my hotel in order to spend another few hours on my session. It is nearly 9pm but I am fortunate enough to walk past my increasingly regular Starbucks haunt on Pine St and delighted to find that it is still open! Now, with Salted Caramel Mocha in tow, I head back to my room and work until midnight. I am getting there, but I know that time is running out…

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