7 Days of PASS – Day 5

It’s 3.30am and I have been sleeping off a really bad pain in my stomach (from what I think is a Mango allergy). Having achieved practically nothing the night before, it is important that I manage to put in some serious hours into my session prep. The whole thing is going badly and I’m not happy, but I’ll keep plugging away up until the end. By 6.30am I have progressed a little further, but now it is time I start getting ready for the PASS Keynote in which I am on the Blogger table again. I’m out of my hotel by around 7.30am, so I quickly head to (yes you’ve guessed it) Starbucks at 600 Pine Street and grab a muffin for breakfast as I walk across to the Conference Center.

wp_20161026_08_16_53_proIt’s not long before I’m inside and finally seated at the conference table waiting for the keynote to start. By the end I didn’t feel that we experienced THE announcement to rule them all, but obviously, Analysis Services in the Cloud is a welcome addition and a shout out to previously announced SQL Server on Linux give us Penguinites a warm glow. I have actually been involved (or had access to) SQL Server on Linux since March time, so I know there is a great future ahead for this release and a lot of effort and love going into it (and a lot of discussion). See also the post Top 5 Announcements at PASS Summit 2016.

After the keynote, I had the pleasure of accompanying my good friends Niko Neugebauer (b|t) and Uwe Ricken (b|t) to our first session of the Summit titled Accelerate SQL Server 2016 to the Max: Lessons Learned from Early Customer Engagements [DBA-323-M]. The session was enjoyable and covered a large breadth of material, and Uwe’s enthusiasm for the session was very audible throughout! He kept making mumbling noises every five or ten minutes which sounded a bit like “YepUhhu” to the extent that Niko attempted to silence him. Unfortunately for us, his excitement did not stop. I spoke to Uwe about his noises after the session and he wasn’t even aware he was doing it :), so next time I shall bring an electric cattle prod if I ever sit with him again! It was very funny.

I also had the pleasure of chatting to the speakers Arvind Shyamsundar and Denzil Ribeiro afterward, and was a little surprised that they knew who I was (hopefully for the right reasons!). In my opinion, I am a virtual nobody, so it is always a little humbling when people who I respect say that they have heard of me.

After a long break and lunch, myself and Niko headed over to part one of Bob Ward’s session titled Inside SQL Server In-Memory OLTP [DBA-500-HD]. This session was really a mixed bag for me since it contained a large percentage of level 300 material to explain In-Memory OLTP to those who did not understand the technology (of which there seemed to be a high proportion) and then there was a small amount of level 500 debugging material which was enjoyable but held no practical use for me for my session prep (which is also on In-Memory OLTP). We decided to skip the second part and instead catch up with it when the videos come out. In reality, Bob has an impossible job pleasing everyone with his sessions due to the extremely varied levels of his audience. As myself and Niko were leaving we bumped into another good friend of ours (In-Memory guru Dmitri Korotkevitch (b|t) ) and we headed to the coffee shop for a quick cup of Java. After Coffee, I bumped into Richard Douglas and we went for a quick bite to eat, and afterwards parted company to go back to our respective commitments. Even though I was supposed to be spending the evening with a group of others watching a Bad Religion gig, I decided that it would be slightly unprofessional to go to a late night gig in which I could risk losing my voice and not being prepared for my session tomorrow. I regretfully gave my ticket to someone else and spent the evening in my room to continue work on it (sob sob).

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