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4 days of Dockercon – Day 3

The second and final day of general sessions arrives and I manage to leave my room with a little more time to spare than yesterday. Again, I grab a bite to eat in the exhibitor room and then find myself a good seat for the keynote day 2. This time it was lead by Scott Johnson (COO of Docker) and focused again on Docker Enterprise Edition but with a strong focus on the MTA program and migrating legacy apps to Docker. The atmosphere was slightly more subdued today -probably because people were nursing hangovers from last nights party, but I was intrigued by a few things. For instance, when they talked about migrating a legacy .NET app and modernizing it to Docker, it wasn’t really clear to me whether doing so was also irradicating dependencies on older .NET frameworks.

During the break between the keynote and first session, I decided to pick up where I left off with the Docker Labs and managed to go through the Docker on Linux 101 and Docker on Windows 101 excercises. Apart from a few minor typos in the demo code, these worked really well, although the Windows environment was noticeably slower than Linux which was a little frustrating. I decided to skip the first session so I could work my way through more lab material which took me up to lunchtime.

For my first session of the day I decided to attend “Docker EE Deep Dive” by Patrick Devine, which I found quite interesting but felt that it didn’t quite go as “deep” as I’d like to have seen.  That said, I am convinced that I need to spend more time familiarizing myself with Enterprise Edition if I am ever going to make a success of my “microservices journey”.

After lunch, I decided to speak with a few more storage solution vendors and deliberated whether to go to my second session of the day. None of the sessions that were on offer grabbed me enough, so I decided to extend my adventures with the lab environment and worked through a few more scenarios. So by the time my next session arrived, I was really looking forward to it and chose “Becoming the Docker Champion: Bringing Docker Back to Work” by Jim Armstrong. To be honest, I was more than a little disappointed that the content was not technical and focused more on the “politics” of the workplace and your company’s staff motivations for adopting of Docker (or not). For me, this was largely a waste of my time even though Jim presented the session well, the session needed really to live in a management track (had one existed). During the next long break, I headed back to the Lab area and continued to work through the material. After the last session, I deliberated whether I should attend the last session of the day (of which a Serverless panel was quite appealing), and ultimately came to the conclusion that it was probably more worthwhile if I continued working my way through the labs.

That was really the end of (a slightly disappointing) day, but at least I got some good value from the Labs. In the evening I struggled to remote onto my machine back home so I could watch the Chelsea v Roma game and failed. Therefore I had to resort to finding a hooky stream which kept cutting out every 5-10 minutes. Even though Chelsea went 2-0 up quite early on, the match ended 3-3 to compound my disappointment!

Tomorrow is my last day in Denmark, in which I will be attending one the post-conference Summits.

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