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Oracle Unbreakable Linux installation fails on Hyper-V Generation 2 Virtual Machine

Have you been attempting (and failing) to install Oracle Unbreakable Linux as a Virtual Machine under Hyper-V and cannot figure out what is wrong? If you are receiving the following message: Then I bet you are using a Hyper-V generation … Continue reading

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A week at Oracle University

About a month ago I went into the Big Smoke to spend the week at the Oracle University premises at 1 South Place. I was attending the 11g R1 Oracle RAC course and since I am very knowledgeable about high … Continue reading

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Disabling and Enabling Oracle Scheduled Jobs in sqlplus when your GUI is Unavailable!

The first thing you need to know is what jobs are scheduled and enabled. To do this we simply query the dba_scheduler_jobs view as follows: Now we know what jobs are present and enabled/ disabled we can use the DBMS_SCHEDULER … Continue reading

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