Please ensure for any scripts that you may re-use, you ensure that you attribute the original author and perhaps even drop them an email or Tweet to say thankyou!

I have decided it will be a rather good idea to put all my scripts in one place, and therefore over the coming months and years I shall be adding more and more to this area. Not only mine though. I also hope to be hosting a copy of other people’s scripts that they have created and will attribute whenever and where-ever I can. I will also attempt to seek their permission to do so providing all the necessary profile, urls and trackbacks to the source material so I hope (like me) you are happy to share to the community.

So you might ask, “what is the purpose of having other peoples scripts available here?”.

Over time I will look to make edits or improvements to any external code and I would like to share them with you. When I do make any edits I shall document the edit and specify the reason why. At very least the change may simply be due to my own preference.

I will be able to reformat the code and index so that the raw scripts will be much more accessible and usable.

Having a central area for scripts will help me have my own publically accessible repository bringing the brilliance of everyone else under one area. For instance no more searching around for that excellent script you know about when you really need to solve that Wait Stat problem, it will hopefully be here. This in turn will help you. It will help you because it will bring fantastic scripts and individuals to your attention and will make you a better IT Professional by being able aware of their excellence.

Finally for my own scripts I sincerely hope you find them useful. Like the authors of the external scripts a lot of work has gone into them and consequently I hope they help save you at least the same amount of time that I spent writing them.

Mark Broadbent’s Script Pack
Redgate DMV Starter pack
Redgate Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views
Joe Webb’s Powershell Cookbook
Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance Solution
Glenn Berry’s SQL 2005 and 2008 Diagnostic Queries

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