Beer Token Winners

My promise to you: “I promise to buy anybody listed on this page who has been awarded a Beer Token ONE sensibly priced drink of your choosing (therefore don’t even bother wasting my time asking for a glass of Champagne!) on proof of your identity (should I not recognize you – very likely because I’m rubbish putting names to faces) in person to me.
…bottom line is to grab me at the Bar and remind me you have won!

Q: How do you win a Beer Token?
A: Well when you do something that wins one I’ll let you know! But remember, don’t EXPECT to win just because you did something useful. The whole point is that you did it because you wanted to share, help or contribute and that should be reward enough.

Q: What happens when my Beer Token has been used?
A: Your name will be marked as having claimed it and you will need to win another.

Q: Can I win more than one?
A: Absolutely, although my wallet is not infinite.

Q: Why have you done this?
A: I’ve been offered my fair share of drinks as a reward to good deeds and the people that have done so usually forget 1 week later, which leaves me disappointed and most importantly thirsty. Therefore I want to ensure that I remember not to make the same mistake and reward good deeds with a drink!

Current Recipients

Sean Gallardy (blog|twitter) I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who likes to argue with me as much as Sean. Frustrating and enjoyable in equal measures we spent almost several hours recently in Bellevue, WA arguing the purpose of node weighting. Obviously I was right, but the point is that I shall miss his presence at the PASS Summit. As yet another unconfirmed (see below) I have put up the offer of “several beers” should he decide to come to this years event. How can anyone refuse that offer!
Luke Hayler (blog|twitter) In an effort to get Luke to realise the fun he will miss out on and convince him to make a booking to this years 2012 Summit I have decided to award him a time limited offer of not one but five (yes FIVE!) beer tokens. Make it to Seattle for this years Summit and you shall have some lovely beverages sir (I advise to skip the awful local beer!). Miss it and regret it forever!
AJ Mendo (blog|twitter) (This now paid in NY- Ed) He is not only my first ever official unofficial “first timer” from the SQL PASS Big Brother program, but he recently repaid the good will back in spades by putting me onto a nice cheap hotel close by the SQLRally Dallas Convention Centre -which I happened to also be a member of the hotel chain. This means more points for me with the reality that one day my points might actually mean something. For him it means he has earnt his fill in Beer for one night only at SQLRally. Please God let his “fill” be small!
Gareth Swan (blog|twitter) One of the most welcoming guys you will ever meet and someone who instantly made me feel welcome at SQLRally Orlando, Gareth has come up trumps again and helped me locate *exactly* the kind of Trackball I have been looking for. For these services he has won himself a prestegious Beer Token! Congrats!
KoprowskiT (twitter) 1 Beer Token for supporting my submissions for SQLRally Dallas and 24HOP Spring 2012
Andre Kamman (blog|twitter) 1 Beer Token for catching me in a rare generous mood in June 2011 after I somehow got lucky with my community award.1 Beer Token(this one now paid! -ed) for being Mr. Smartypants and for also posting several blog posts in April 2011 😉 …he knows what I’m talking about!
Adam Saxton (blog|twitter) 1 Beer Token for helping me to avoid reformatting my hard drive in anger and help fix my disappearing Office ribbon
 KoprowskiT (twitter)  1 Beer Token for decent pictures taken during my session at SQLBits 8 (paid! -ed)
Dirk Hondong (blog|twitter) 1 Beer Token for nice big-up on Blog for my session (paid! -ed)
Dave Ballantyne (blog|twitter) 1 Beer Token for offering to collect the Blue M&Ms from the sweetie jar whilst room monitoring my presentation.
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