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Speaking at SQLBits XIV (after all!)

I don’t think it is a particularly big secret that I am a fan of SQLBits (more posts can be found here). I remember being at the PASS Summit in 2010 and enthusiastically talking about the SQLBits conference to those that cared to listen and was rather taken aback by the lack of awareness outside of Europe during my time there, so I like to think that my enthusiastic ramblings over the years have contributed in some very small way to promoting the conference to a wider global audience. SQLBits gave me my first speaking break, which allowed me soon after to speak at SQLRally in Orlando, so I am always grateful to them for offering me that opportunity.
Ye Olde Cluster Curiosity Shoppe

I was not going to speak this year (having also regrettably been forced to withdraw last year at the last minute for reasons outside my control) for a multitude of reasons, but nether-the-less knew the event would rock regardless of my presence (some would say more so!). As time went by, it became increasingly likely that I would attend on Saturday in any capacity, so I am now very pleased to announce that not only will I be attending, I will also be speaking again!

My session this year is one of my current favorites which I hope to polish in time for the big day. I’m presenting Ye Olde Cluster Curiosity Shoppe in which I will discuss a miscellany of top tips, warnings and advice from nearly 20 years of SQL Server Failover Clustering. This is not one for the faint of heart and you really should avoid coming to the session 🙂 …in the words of Tubbs and Edward

“This is a local shop for local people. There’s nothing for you here!”