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I can speak English, I learn it from a book

Many many years ago when I was still in short trousers I started to take an interest in Movies. My parents had completely different sleeping patterns and my Father was an irritatingly early riser -a fact that would irritate me right into my adolescence and beyond. My mother was the opposite and (like me) very much a night owl. This resulted in there being a period of around 3 to 4 hours before my Mother went to bed, where the Television would be switched to whatever channel she wanted to watch -in other words not Sport.

I come from Barcelona!

As I approached the age that staying up beyond 9 pm. was acceptable I tended to sit with her and watch whatever she was watching. Her tastes were very varied and cosmopolitan and we would tend to watch different film genres over seasons. One of the first genres that I remember watching with her were the 1930s and 1940s horror Movies where together we absorbed every Frankenstein (starring Boris Karloff), every Dracula (starring Bela Lugosi) and every Wolfman (starring Lon Chaney Jr.) not to mention the sequels starring Abbott and Costello!

Over a very long time we watched an enormous and varied collection of films and since her tastes where not just limited to English language films; we watched films from France, Belgium, Germany, Japan and any other country we could get on our Gogglebox. Over time reading the subtitles whilst watching each film became as natural as the spoken word to us.

To this very day I meet people who refuse to watch anything that is not spoken in their own language (for whatever reason) and fail to realise just how many amazing films they are missing out on. A long time before Japanese Horror film remakes by Hollywood was the “norm”, I sat with a friend who held the believe that subtitled films were impossible to watch but convinced them to join me for the evening to watch a certain Japanese Horror Classic. The evening was a rather scarily enjoyable experience and the film in question was called Ringu -you will by now know its remake as “The Ring”. Let me tell you that even if you have seen the somewhat half-hearted Hollywood effort, the original film in its natural form is quite something to behold. Possibly one of the scariest films of all time and guess what? I watched it years and years before most Westerners (and perhaps even now the majority will not have watched the subtleties of the original).

Time to start running

I am sure by now you have been asking yourself “What is the point to all this?”  and “How does it relate to SQL Server?”. Well let me tell you…

I have just been speaking privately with Rob Farley (blog|twitter) and have found out about the plans for the next iteration of 24 Hours of PASS. What he has told me is that each session will have Live Closed Captioning in 15 different languages!!! Can you believe that? This means that all the sessions will be accessible to people who speak other languages other than English and makes 24 Hour of PASS a truly international event for the very first time. As Rob put it “if someone in China asks you a question in Chinese… you’ll be able to read it in English and they’ll read your answer in Chinese”.

If you are one of those non-English language SQL professionals that has ’till now not been able to view the English language 24HOP (you are obviously reading this blog using Google Translate:)) and want to have access to valuable, technical, up to date material -then come and join the party. And remember my story, please don’t forget to introduce a friend!

To register for all 24 sessions go click here without delay, and don’t forget to join me for my session “Moves like Jagger – Upgrading to SQL Server 2012“. You should also check out Rob’s post about these excellent changes by clicking here.