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Where to go for your Wait Stat information

Fairly recently I was talking with a rather talented SQL Specialist internally at Microsoft and was asked the question by him as to where I get my Wait Stat information from. Query tuning isn’t really something I currently am required to do on a regular basis so I tend to get my information as and when I need it (even though I have a couple of articles and urls bookmarked I couldn’t particularly reference them in a conversation so perhaps I could go one better and officially post them). My answer then was that I Bing for my Wait Stat references (actually replace that with another search engine – but I was on the MS site!).

The “SQL guy” then mentioned a white paper by Tom Davidson, and as soon as this name was mentioned I thought he was talking about Louis (since he has recently co-authored this great book “Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views” which I actively encourage you to get hold of). Nope he really did mean Tom 🙂 and I really should have come across him (perhaps I have) but the name didn’t register at the time.

Anyway after a little bit of searching I managed to pull up a rather nice White Paper by him on the subject of Wait Stats (albeit SQL 2005 focused). So I thought I would first share this with you and then provide some of the other references that I have accumulated all in one handy location.

So the next time you are “waiting” perhaps you might want to find out why and check out these links:-

SQL Server Best Practices Article by Tom Davidson with whitepaper download for Performance Tuning Waits Queues. -the original article that spawned a post :).

sys.dm_os_wait_stats (Transact-SQL) – this official MSDN page actually looks rather useful and might give you all the information you need.

CSS SQL Engineers: The SQL Server Wait Type Repository… – unfortunately this page comes across a bit like work in progress, but hopefully provides you with extra explanation.

Description of the waittype and lastwaittype columns in the master.dbo.sysprocesses table in SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 – yup ok a slightly older article but nether-the-less has some useful bits on it!

Performance Monitoring Tools: SQL Server 2008 Activity Monitor by Buck Woody – yeah I know this one aint really about DMVs and Wait Stats but quite frankly it might be a good place to start!

Top SQL Server 2005 Performance Issues for OLTP Applications – a very simple but useful 6 point article to help you troubleshoot your system (courtesy of a great DBA Sean Kotze …who currently isn’t on or using Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn etc!)

Now I’m sure I had a few more urls on this subject, but as always when you go looking for something you can never find it. Well if I do come across any others then I will update this post with them, but for now I hope this small selection of links helps you troubleshoot your Wait Stats.