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Learning to say NO

Thank you to Kendra Little who is hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday topic on “Interviewing Patterns and Anti-Patterns” – and what advice I might have for someone preparing for an interview. But instead of regurgitating the obvious advice you can … Continue reading

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Using conditional COUNT(*)s

Whilst recently working with historic financial data, I ran across a situationĀ that neededĀ an aggregate view of transactional data grouped by a certain set of attributes in order to backfill some missing aggregate data sets. In front of me, I had … Continue reading

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Compressing files from the SSIS Script Task

I hate SSIS. It seems to me that it is full of certain nuances and unless you are regularly developing SSIS packages, they are easy to forget or it is easy to miss specific important steps. I first started using … Continue reading

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