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Hi! My name is (what?), my name is (who?) -more Cluster names

Most recently I came across a couple of tweets on the #sqlhelp hash tag regarding changing a Cluster Group network name. Helpfully a knowledge base article was offered up to the person asking the original question. The article “How to: … Continue reading

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Use protection to stay available

One of the biggest worries for us grumpy DBAs are the risks which are posed to us due to our reliance on other teams, specialists and technologies in order to maintain a working and efficient SQL Server infrastructure. This was … Continue reading

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Make your life easier write an app make RAD work for you

Quite often I come across scenarios where you know what you need to do, you know how to do them, but know the way to do it will be very repetitive in SSMS. In these instances the best way to … Continue reading

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