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Announcing SharePoint Saturday Cambridge – We got two tribes

In 2013, SQLSaturday Cambridge became the first ever SQLSaturday in the World to host a dedicated SharePoint track and the event was a great success. It struck me at the time how well we managed to get a SharePoint audience at an event that was largely about SQL Server so with the support of our dedicated SharePoint sponsors (Combined Knowledge, K2 and AxioWorks), a fantastic addition of SharePoint speakers and with the expert help from the SharePoint community through Peter Baddeley (web|twitter) I think we managed to light the touch paper for my future plans for SQLSaturday Cambridge.

Since that event I have harbored a desire to continue our innovation with SQLSaturday Cambridge and I am therefore delighted to finally announce that as of yesterday our SharePoint “experiment” that we pioneered in 2013 is now an official reality through our sister event SharePoint Saturday Cambridge. A further call for speakers is open for SharePoint Saturday Cambridge and this will close no later than July 31st.

Both events will run on the same day, at the same venue and fall within the same scheduling constraints, but each have their own unique identities and tracks. If you are a SharePoint professional you may wish to only attend SharePoint sessions and if you are a SQL Server professional you may only wish to attend SQL sessions, however ALL tracks and BOTH events are available together for your enjoyment should you get curious. 2013 proved to us all that there is sufficient cross-over and plenty of curiosity between both communities and this is your chance to pick and choose your agenda to your hearts desire!

SQLSaturday Cambridge will host 24 sessions and SharePoint Saturday Cambridge will host 14 sessions, but together they will provide our combined audience of 300 people with a whopping 48 sessions across 8 tracks! Sponsors of either event will automatically be enrolled as a sponsor of the other so it is a win/ win situation all around!

This event is the first of its kind, and yet again Cambridge is leading the way with new ideas and innovations. Please make sure you register soon in order that you do not miss the fun. We are already 50% full and have several months to go and we *still* haven’t even notified past attendees, so please register through SharePoint Saturday Cambridge OR SQLSaturday Cambridge while you can (but please only register with one) and this will give you access to both events in their entirety!

I hope you are as excited as I am, and hope you can come and join the fun.

Shine on you crazy diamonds!

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