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Incrementing SQL Sequences

Sequences were first introduced in SQL Server 2012 and are a way to improve performance in situations that would have traditionally been implemented using the column based identity property. One of the biggest downfalls of the identity property is that new values … Continue reading

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Bitesize SSIS: Passing SSIS variables into script components

I hate SSIS. It seems to me that it is full of certain nuances and unless you are regularly developing SSIS packages, they are easy to forget or it is easy to miss specific important steps. I first started using SSIS back … Continue reading

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Stub out your bad practices when deploying object promotions

When a script is deployed in your production environment, how is it deployed? Are the scripts written to account for the object already existing and if so what actions are taken? But what if the object doesn’t exist, what then? … Continue reading

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