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Moving lost applications back into your Desktop on Windows

Ok, I confess that this post is about as far removed as I can probably get from my blogging “focus”, but as of late I have been running into this problem more and more frequently on my Windows 10 tablet and it is starting to annoy me. So to use my blogging platform for the original purpose (as a reference for me in the first instance), I have decided to make a little note of what actions I take to get these dastardly disappearing applications back.

When your applications somehow get stuck in the electronic equivalent of purgatory, there is one (almost) sure-fire way to get each one back. You will need to take the following actions:

  1. Provide focus to the application.
  2. Access the application windows Move option.
  3. Begin the move through the keyboard.
  4. Drag the window to your desktop.

How you perform these steps can vary, but the simplest method can be achieved by :

  1. Hold SHIFT key and right-click the application. If windows are stacked, make sure you (SHIFT and) right-click the application you want.
  2. From the context menu click Move. If the Move option is grayed out, you first need to click the Restore button and repeat this process again.
  3. Click one of the arrow keys to activate the Window move.
  4. Wiggle your mouse all over the place until the Window in question is visible and then drag it into the center of your screen. Remember that the window can be at any axis North/ South/ East or West of your Desktop, so keep moving until you see it!
  5. Click the mouse button to ungrab the Window.

You might also find that cascading your Windows can help make the above procedure easier to perform. To do that, right-click the task bar and select Cascade from the context window.