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Problem removing files from TempDB

I recently ran into an interesting problem while attempting to remove approximately half of the TempDB data files configured in a testing environment. As you might expect, there are various SQL Server tasks that are performed infrequently by a DBA, and this is … Continue reading

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SQLBits 9 Slidedeck for READPAST & Furious

I am very pleased to publish the slide-deck for my Friday presentation “READPAST & Furious: Transactions, Locking and Isolation“. Just click here to obtain the slide-deck in PDF format. I had an absolutely fantastic time giving the presentation and really … Continue reading

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When should you use NOLOCK?

Well the quick answer to that question is never. And there you have it, the quickest blog post in history (perhaps!). …Except that I should really have said “When should you use READUNCOMMITTED isolation or hint?” and then the question … Continue reading

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