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Problems creating Windows Cluster through Powershell

Creating a Windows Cluster is surprisingly easy, but every now and again you run into¬†small problems which irritate and are not really helped by the error messages – a problem which is exacerbated¬†by the do all in one go power … Continue reading

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Baby baby baby, where did our love/ data go?

Possibly one of the very first things we learn as fledgling DBA’s is that transactions are used to provide “all or nothing” operations. If you ever go for a SQL Server job interview, you are almost guaranteed to be asked … Continue reading

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Using the SQL Server Installation Wizard on Server Core!

Ever heard the phrase “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should?”. Yep me too -many times, and what I am about to say comes with that caveat in mind although as I shall explain, I see absolutely no reason … Continue reading

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