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The Transaction Log, Delayed Durability, and considerations for its use with In-Memory OLTP – Part I

In this mini-series of posts, we will discuss how the mechanics of SQL Server’s transaction logging work to provide transactional durability. We will look at how Delayed Durability changes the logging landscape and then we will specifically see how In-Memory … Continue reading

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ROLLBACK damn you!

A good question was asked on #SQLHELP the other day regarding the use of XACT_ABORT ON – “If you don’t have a BEGIN TRAN COMMIT TRAN in a stored procedure, will SET XACT_ABORT ON do anything?”. My immediate reply to this … Continue reading

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Why don’t you go and LOCK OFF!

No this is not a Hekaton post 🙂 -perhaps I should have saved this title for another rainy day. SQL Server concurrency is a particularly difficult subject to master and understanding the result of your actions can be confounded by … Continue reading

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