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I have been trying to perfect a method of taking notes during presentations and it is still obviously work in progress. I cannot do shorthand so I must make sure I don’t spend too long scribbling down a point otherwise I might miss the next one. Therefore how to identify what is important and what is not is actually quite difficult and whether the content will actually be remembered post presentation is debatable. Somebody once told me that directly after watching a presentation you will immediately forget or miss 50% of the content and 1 hour later will only remember 10% of that remaining knowledge! Whether this is true or not I am not sure, but I believe that these notes will in some way provide snippets of content that you yourself might find valuable. Obviously the scribblings don’t always make good reading and they won’t always make sense, but in the cases where you can obtain the pre-recorded session they will at very least give you something textual to work from and hopefully save you A LOT of time doing something similar.

As I add more and more of these notes I will, where possible indicate how you can obtain the source material. Feedback is very welcome and I hope you find them very useful.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Seminar 2011 – Rafal Lukawiecki (Twitter|Blog), given on the Microsoft Campus at Reading UK on the 3rd March 2011. This was an all day session and was not recorded but the slides can be obtained here.

DBA283S – Virtualization and SAN basics for DBA – Brent Ozar (Twitter|Blog), was given during the SQLPASS 2010 Summit in Seattle. It was just over 1 hour long and is a must read/ watch for anyone wishing to learn more about best practices using Virtualization and SQL Server.

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