Useful URLs

OK so what’s the point of this you might ask? Well you might want to think of this page as a lazy man’s Delicious, and whenever I see any great URLs that are good for reference or training material then I shall not only tweet it, but try to add it to the list and lets see how it grows.


Handy Links for SQL 2008 R2 & .NET Development #sql #development

Risk and Health Assessment Program for Microsoft SQL Server – Scoping Tool v1.2 (Courtesy of Pinal Dave) #monitoring

SQL Server Monitoring Pack for Operations Manager #monitoring

Creating a Replacement for SQL Server Agent in SQL Azure #azure

Windows Azure Security Overview White Paper #azure

Locking SSIS variables #ssis

The Fast Way to Move from MySQL to SQL Azure #azure #mysql

Free “SQL Server DMV Starter Pack”: DMV booklet and more than 30 scripts #performance


Guest Failover Clustering with VMware #virtualization #clustering #vmware


SQL Azure vs. SQL Server #azure

Getting Started with SQL Azure #azure

Developing and Deploying with SQL Azure #azure #deployment

Microsoft SQL Azure FAQ #azure

Security Guidelines for SQL Azure #azure #security

Scaling out with SQL Azure #azure #enterprise


Backup Compression (SQL Server) (courtesy of André Kamman) #backup

A Case Study: Fast and Reliable Backup and Restore of a VLDB over the Network (courtesy of André Kamman) #backup


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Update for Developers Training Course (courtesy of Greg Low) #cbt


Data Types (Transact-SQL) #datatypes

SQL Azure – Free Technical Documents #azure


SQL Server Perfmon Counters Poster #monitoring


Using tempdb for Index Creation (courtesy of Kendra Little) #indexing


Managing Extent Allocations and Free Space #storage

Managing Space Used by Objects #storage

Tracking Modified Extents #storage


System Views (SQL Azure Database) #azure

Managing Databases and Logins in SQL Azure #azure

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